Getting inspired!

“Inspiration Ahead” 

Have you ever felt the need to express yourself? To scream your lungs out?


Well, that happened to me almost four months ago, while I was listening to music and surfing the Net. I felt like I had to take action and get myself and perhaps others inspired. How was I supposed to do that? No idea!

You see inspiration hasn’t got an on/off switch. It just hits you like music. And that’s exactly what happened in my case. I got hit by music and inspiration at the same time.

You ask what happened after that punching and kicking? Well, I got myself in serious trouble, because once an idea settles in my brain it can’t be pulled out!

So I started planning my next move: I did some research, charged my batteries  and set off for my journey.

Heading to Ithaca 

“Hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.” – C.P. Cavafy

Cavafy describes the way in which we should deal with things perfectly. I wished my journey to TESOL Convention would be long and full of discovery and it certainly was.

During the past four months I worked really hard to ensure that my arrival to “Ithaca” would represent nothing else but the knowledge which I had acquired along the way.

I think I managed to do that!!! 🙂

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