CELTA: You’re the ONE that I WANT!!!

ImageThe CELTA of 2013!

It may not have been the summer of 69, but I definitely had the time of my life. Actually, now that I look back in the summer of 2013, I feel really proud of myself for opting for the CELTA because it’s been a great and rewarding experience full of learning, new friends and of course lots of racing against the clock.

The picture shows my amazing CELTA group at CELT, the teacher training center where I did my course and the place that I can certainly call ‘home’.

It’s been such a pleasure being surrounded by all these amazing and talented people. We had so much fun together!!!

I do still recall the days when we worked around the clock to meet our deadlines, it was such a hectic July indeed, but for what it’s worth I would do it again! Having said that I only see fit that I start talking about the juicy and most important aspects of my CELTA course.

So, what’s CELTA after all? 



The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or most commonly known as CELTA  is an initial credential for teachers of English as a foreign language. The CELTA is a globally-recognised qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge’s non-profit assessment organisation, Cambridge English Assessment and it is also accredited by the UK Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) at Level 5 of the Qualifications and Credit Framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This prestigious qualification is a common requirement for those entering the field of ELT.

Still wondering why do the CELTA???


Many say that “There’s no place like home”, take my word for it, once you embark on your journey for your CELTA certificate you won’t really like your adventure to end.

Despite the vast amount of input you get, which you have to grasp really quickly and incorporate almost immediately in your next teaching practice, the lessons are enjoyable and full of teaching tips which will equip you with all the necessary skills so as to gain confidence in standing in front of a classroom and delivering a meaningful and up to standard lesson. What is more, the certificate will lead the way to teaching abroad and mentoring adults or children of all ages.


Key aspects of the CELTA…


  1. The CELTA is awarded by Cambridge University and thus it is recognised everywhere around the globe.
  2. The CELTA has no end of the course exam. Therefore you are being assessed progressively throughout your course.
  3. There is an ALP session (Assisted lesson-planning session) everyday. There your tutors will provide you with guidelines on how to plan your lesson. However, their help will decrease as the course progresses since you have to show ability of working independently.
  4. Apart from your 6 hours of teaching praactice, you’ll also have to submit four assignments.
  5. After each teaching practice, there’s the feedback session which is the most important part of your course. There you might be sliced nine ways to Sunday, but you’ll get the most out of your course. Your tutors will point out aspects which need to be addressed and improved in the next teaching practice, so pay close attention because these issues may be your personal aims!
  6. Finally, your CELTA course is assessed by an external assessor whose main concern is to ensure the quality of your training, a fact which sets CELTA as the top choice for your initial teaching qualification.


Why would I recommended it? 


CELTA is highly respected and appreciated by many employers all around the world. If you check job ads for ELT positions, you’ll notice that many employers ask for an initial teaching qualification and preferably the CELTA. So, why would I recommend it to you? Well, apart from being an extremely
nerve-racking and highly demanding course, it equips you with all the necessary teaching knowledge. Furthermore, it provides you with useful tips, techniques and strategies so to succesfully deliver a great lesson.

You’ll be amazed by how many things you get to learn in such a short period of time.You’d be swamped that’s for sure!

Finally, I’d like to mention that even though the CELTA may be your key to a new career path, you should bear in mind that it only sets the guidelines and that you’ll have to continue studying on your own so as to become better day by day. Don’t forget that reflection on your lessons and observation of other teachers can aid your way to the top.

Recommended Books…

If you are really interested in a CELTA course then the following reading list will definitely help you get prepared for it…

  1. About Language: Tasks for Teachers of English (Cambridge Teacher Training and Development) – Scott Thornbury 

  2. Teaching Practice: A guide for teachers in training –  Roger Gower, Diane Philips and Steve Walters

3.   Teaching English Grammar – Jim Scrinever

4.    Teaching Tenses – Rosemary Atkins 

5.    Learning Teaching – Jim Scrinever

6.    How to Teach Pronunciation – Gerald Kelly

7.    The Practice of English Language Teaching – Jeremy Harmer

If you want something lighter than this pile of books, you can visit: elttraining. There are plenty of videos for you to watch and learn!!!



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